watercolor series  created at the artists residence   vermont studio center         
 watercolor and ink series  for an article about shyness and introvertion
 Mr Goldberg Variations  ink , watercolor and photoshop
 Estudos de costumes  watercolor , ink , gouche series  for   Piauí Magazine
 series of 30  watercolor, ink, gouche   images depicting  traumas and phobias 
 watercolor, ink, pen, photoshop  story for a comics book      
 book illustrations   watercolor, ink , pen   for BEI editora publishing house   " Os jantares que nao dei "
  Mummy's got strange friends     series of watercolor , pen , ink drawings for     a music video for a     Spottiswoode and His enemies'song     " Mummy's got strange friends "    
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